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    1980 Media Mogul Ted Turner launch american first news channel CNN HD, at the time it was the only news channel that telecast news around the clock. CNN-Breaking-NewsSince its launch CNN Live is knows for its breaking news and it was CNN USA that break the news of 9/11 incident. CNN online is knows as the leader in the News World. The Channel play a very effective role in Gulf war 1991, september 11 attacks. CNN telecast marathon transmission in 2008 and 2012 US Election. CNN HD live is also known for its talk shows especially on Politics.

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    1. theDivaJOORist

      I cannot live without watching CNN ……….obviously! I have been visiting Nigeria for 2 weeks and I am constantly on this channel. This is life!!!!

    2. mike petrowski

      How many errors in grammar can you find in the pinned post at the top of this page?

    3. Sophie Turgeon

      I love CNN USA. But I can’t seem to get to a site where it is streaming it today. This is my favorite site to watch it , but it’s not working. I always get to CNN International. Anyone else has this problem?

    4. bigbang

      CNN sucks

    5. Josh

      a babe survives such cold temperatures from such a horrendous care crash or flip over, and listen to the analyst Elizabeth attributing it to the awesomeness of ‘babe car seat’?? It’s God’s intervention first !! Believe it or not!! Give praise to the Almighty!

    6. John Goodman

      God bless for this feed mate. I live outside of the US atm

      so it’s nice to be able to know what’s going on at home. Cheers

    7. patrice

      This interpreter sucks… honestly, it seems like cnn would have access to someone better. She gives me a headache as she struggles through the interpretation.

    8. patrice

      I wish the networks would discontinue showing this co-pilots picture. I think the only pictures that should be shown are those of those who died as a result of his actions. It sounds like he wanted infamy. Let us give him as little attention as possible and celebrate the lives of his innocent victims.

    9. patrice

      I am curious as to why cnn has almost 100% hosts with thick english accents on at nite? It is curious. Maybe they think it seems more sophisticated or worldly? I guess it does bug me a bit, only because it feels inauthentic given that they are based in the u.s. and I think their main broadcast comes out of Atlanta? I may be wrong. It is just weird. My observation. It is possible they are all u.s. citizens. If not, it would be nice to employ some folks here at home and worry less about looking sophisticated and worldly.

    10. patrice

      I am always relieved when I can watch cnn again after the weekend, because i enjoy it. I cannot stomach watching when fredrika (sp?) whitfield is anchor. she is awful and snarky and unprofessional.

    11. Sunny Lovetts

      CNN loves using green screen to pretend like they are somewhere else. Its really scary how often they use it. They even did it for Sandy Hook.

    12. rob bennett

      This CNN, Obama Lackey has tried every which way to Get this Man to stumble and failed. Who is this POS CNN flunkie spokesperson for Obama?

    13. Nathan P. Watkins

      This is murder plain and simple and this cop should pay with his life.

      HOWEVER this DOES NOT give Black people ANY RIGHT WHATSOEVER to loot and burn as they did in ferguson and NYC.

      We here in Charleston are equally appalled but will defend our lives and property against any thuggery! WARNING TO ALL NEWS MEDIA ESPECIALLY YOU CNN!!! YOu chose to perpetuate LIES from the time of Trayvon Martin to Mike Brown and Eric Garner and in many minds are guilty of the MURDER of the NYC officers.

      If you attempt to do that here, we can’t guarantee your or your reporters safety!

      Any out of state thugs planning to come and loot or burn , rob etc…you will be met with deadly force!

    14. Nathan P. Watkins

      I predict one day CNN is going to make their own news, when someone who has had ENOUGH of their perpetuating these blacks to violence comes to Atlanta and blows their offices up!

    15. John Goodman

      USA : Greatest Country on Earth with the worst police force. Sad.

    16. Nathan P. Watkins

      SHE IS A LIAR!!! They have given them everything they can !!! No justice no peace…ANY THUGGERY WILL GET YOU KILLED HERE!!!

    17. Nathan P. Watkins

      WHAT A CROCK OF SHIT YOU LYING WHORE!!! Black cops are recruited constantly!!! How about this BLACK QUIT COMMITTING CRIME!!!

    18. Nathan P. Watkins




    20. rob bennett

      Sounds no different from so called American parents defending their little billy’s or shawniquas actions after murdering, raping or robbing someone. Not my darling little baby.

    21. quickchug

      CNN has a great presentation. Nice, smooth, attractive graphics and visuals. Great sexy characters, very well spoken. The news is presented in a very professional, very pleasing manner. Very enjoyable channel to watch. Although many tell me CNN is slanted and not objective, I still enjoy their presentation of the news the most. Very well done



    23. justice more than you desire

      Good for the Governor. He doesn’t mess around and just puts 5000 troops on the streets. Compare him to the inept Baltimore Mayor who just defended “her people” and ducked out.

    24. justice more than you desire

      The Governor was completely prepared and had everything ready to go for some time. The Mayor not only wouldn’t call him, but couldn’t even be contacted.

    25. rob bennett

      As a retired police Officer, let me say this. The first rock or brick thrown at me constitutes DEADLY FORCE and I’ll be goddammned if I would stand there and take it. At that point, I would have taken the asshole out who threw it. This Police Department is an embarrassment. Not the rank and file but the balless leadership.

      • Where is your American pride?

        It’s because of aggressive violent criminals like you the society is on the verge of martial law and civil war. I bet you killed or tortured many innocent people in your time. Don’t worry though pig, you will pay your dues, karma will bite you back in the arse. You’re a scum and a thug just like those assholes looting the stores.

    26. rob bennett

      Once again this blithering idiot says all the things a good little muslim liberal would say without saying a freeking thing. Shut the F*CK up Obammy

    27. Bill

      She’s a Muslim thanking Islam……lol. Yea……I want to thank Islam……lol….Really…..you want to thank Islam…….lol. Whatever.

    28. bigbang

      Is there any other news, I am tired of this Baltimore protest news.

    29. bigbang

      CNN is filming child abuse. A woman is slapping her teen protester and they are not doing anything.

    30. kamil terlecki

      global protest vs NWO

    31. kamil terlecki

      OGLĄDAM TO Z POLSKI moim zdaniem to porostu narasjacy bunt społeczny z winy badz celowych działan ludzi kturych wybraliśmy nie wiem jak uwas jest Amerykanie unas w Polsce równiesz jak i w EUROPIE jest zle

    32. SS

      Dont worry Obama played golf after this I’m sure

    33. George "Kingfish" Stevens


    34. mikeokie

      I think it was ridiculous for the DA to charge the cops involved in Cleveland, OH, the suspect driving the car did have a dangerous weapon, they refused to obey the police and endangered the citizens of Cleveland with a 20 mile chase. The dangerous weapon was the car that was finally cut off and rammed after 85 shots from other officers before all orders were ignored from the occupants, officer Brelo heroically jumped on the car.and shot the final 15 rounds, he had more than just saving the lives of the public and fellow officers in stopping and using deadly force at the time. Russell , the driver, that didn’t stop had a criminal record including convictions for receiving stolen property and robbery and had been involved in a previous police pursuit. Williams, the other occupant of the car, had convictions for drug-related charges and attempted abduction. Both were described as mentally ill, homeless and addicted to drugs. A crack pipe was found in the car.

    35. George "Kingfish" Stevens

      Is Barbara Starr a Tranny ?

    36. FredLaMotte

      As usual, people want to
      talk about race, and about guns. But the last question anybody will
      ask, the first one they should ask, is what psychiatric prescription
      drugs was this killer taking?

    37. MarvinGayeLuvChild

      Deflection by calling it a Gun Control Issue.

      If the Charleston shooter was not white, would it be Gun Violence or Terrorism? The correct answer depends if they are honest about why they did it
      . Someone mentioned he was not called a Terrorist because he has White Privilege. When did we decide that Insane and Terrorist are not the same thing?

    38. John Wilkes

      CNN, please get it correct: It was Trans* people who started the riot at Stonewall.

    39. jamiekins

      They don’t have a prayer for gun control… there was that guy that stabbed a bunch of people last year. If people want to kill people they will find a way. Everyone whines gun control every time someone uses one. The good news is the gun lobby is as good as the Drs. big business or any other group.

    40. Clipper965

      . ) I have a UHF/VHF Antenna I get 60 channels free and I am fine but the one channel I miss is CNN and watch here. Thanx!

      • PressureBussPipe

        Hi Clipper965

        What is the brand name or model of the antenna you have?

        • Clipper965

          Channel Master and Winehard are the oldest Antenna makers. Which is best depends on your situation. I have two Channel Master 4228s mounted in my Attic with a booster. The 4228 is a BOWTIE antenna which is best for attics. If you live in a high rise building the indoor Winegard AMPLIFIED Leafs are great. Have also heard great things about the Winegard FL6550A. Hard to recommend without knowing your circumstances. Use your best judgement . AVOID the so called 150 Mile antennas that look like they are from a Lost In Space rerun. You get what you pay for with Antennas. Stick with Winegard or Channel Master. FYI the most powerful outdoor antenna is the Winegard 8200 series. Range 100 miles. The most powerful Bowtie Antenna is my Channel Master 4228.

    41. Ben Garrison

      Politics in a nutshell.

    42. Dale Stine

      I am suddenly not able to view the stream. anyone else? message says channel can’t be embedded on domain name…..

      • Nan

        I am getting the same message as you. I hope its just temporary.

        • D Wardell

          What country are you watching from?

      • D Wardell

        Hi Dale, Where are you watching from? I can no longer stream either – from Canada.

    43. D Wardell

      Same message! I’m streaming from Canada and wonder if they’ve decided to block non US viewers? Where are you watching from?

      • Nan

        I’m watching from England. CNN is still not working. I can get msnbc and fox…but I don’t watch them. I want my CNN back!

        • D Wardell

          It’s back!!

    44. John Halle

      I own 3 corporations

    45. Carlissa

      Love watching the streaming news, but the pop-up of the flash player being outdated will NOT go away. You would think that the web site would be more secure.

    46. feesrevil

      so much spyware viruses your site is blocked from hotspots!

    47. feesrevil

      Without adblocker i get malware spyware and viruses from your site

    48. Leon Pickering Sr.

      this site is great !

    49. Terryaka Dean

      Thank you for this opportunity for us to follow the news without interruption! Indeed I appreciate. Is it possible to have a forum of commenting on the political events?

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